Belgium extends its blacklist of online casinos

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Since January 2022, the Belgian Gaming Commission (CJH) has quarantined no less than 11 illegal sites. This time, the blacklist of casino gaming platforms has more than 30 addresses banned from access for both publishers and players! This is enough to change the landscape of online casinos both in terms of their "terms and conditions" and their configuration!

In Belgium, where there are 9 casinos, such as the Casino-Kursaal in Ostend on the seafront and in theory, 180 online gambling rooms, the rules regarding gambling are strict, and circumventing them is punishable by fearsome fines that can range from €26 to €25,000, just for the average player! Here's a look back at the bans that have been in place from April 27, 2022, to the present day! Here are examples of honest and pure win reviews.

Online casino sites are banned by the CJH for illegality!

In Belgium, the fraudsters have only to be careful because the regulator of the games of chance and money watches over the grain from its seat in Brussels, as can be brought to make it the ARJEL in France or from now on the ANJ... Controlling both online casinos and brick-and-mortar gambling houses is no small task for an authority that has officially existed since the Law of May 7, 1999, and has only been issuing authorizations since 2012. Thus, the CJH ensures the proper monitoring of the laws, the distribution of licenses, but also the protection of players by pinpointing abuses and punishing offenders.Casino-Kursaal

For the past two months, a list has been drawn up of all the sites deemed to be in breach of the law by the CJH. Currently, there are 31 sites on the list, in addition to the 11 blacklisted at the beginning of the year, but this list is constantly growing because not all sites have a license, far from it! Here are some random samples or among the most controversial, whose link on the Internet in principle no longer works in Belgium, but perhaps still in France.

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