How to determine for yourself the possibility of betting

What to bet on in play

Acceptable, conducted a detailed pre-match study. You understand the playing personalities of both teams and have an approximate idea of what the sketch will be in the game. In this position, it makes sense to bet on the favorite of the game, if the beginning of the game is unsuccessful for him. This approach has two legitimate arguments:

  • On the basis of pre-match study you realize that the poor start of the favorite in the game can be a temporary phenomenon. Here, it is fundamental to watch the game specifically in play to keep track of everything that happens. For example, at the beginning of the game the favorite receives a controversial penalty in his goal.
  • Bad start of the game always affects the performance of the favorite. Before the game on it gave "odds" close to the minimum. If the team got off to a bad start, then the numbers on its victory in the live streak will increase. The bet will become sympathetic, if you successfully catch the moment.

Here you can try, in the conditions of rising odds on the favorite not only bet on his net win (P1 or P2), but also take a minus handicap. For example, you think that Liverpool, who missed at the start of the home game will fix the situation, there is an option with a more risky bet - F1(-1).

Betting on goals at the end of the game

For example, the game is played in attacking style, the score is tied, but both teams are determined to pull out a win. If the teams fly through the center of the field and exchange sharpened attacks, it is reasonable to expect more goals. In such a situation, it makes sense to look at bets on goals in the last 15 minutes or bets on parimatch air 2 the total more.

Again, it is fundamental to watch the game and know the context. There may be the reverse situation, when the teams are not playing very intensively, and no one wants to tempt fate (for example, both sides are fighting for survival). Here, bets on goals or TB have fewer opportunities for a furore.

Betting on ITB

If a powerful team meets with an outsider, then in play it is extremely profitable to bet on personal total more for the favorite. Such bets can be on the performance in one of the halves or the entire game. The advantage of this bet in the live game is that you can watch 20 or half a game and make sure the attacking mood of the favorite.

Bets on suspension or penalties. This kind of betting is wise to do specifically in play. You watch the game and see when passions begin to boil. This can often be seen in games of principle competitors.

If you choose a defensive strategy, almost all of these options can be reversed: no goals or TM, bets on ITM, no penalties or removals, etc. The fundamental point is that live bets are appropriate if you really watch the game on TV or on the Internet and they are based on something.

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