Some of the most popular betting strategies

8 profitable sports betting strategies

Most of the strategies for betting Parimatch came here from the sphere of gambling, so do not be surprised if you meet familiar tactics:

DAlambers Tactics

To multiply your capital using this strategy, you will need to allocate some monetary unit. For example, your bank is $100, the optimal unit size would be $5-10. Analyze potentially winning outcomes and set the minimum bet (one unit).

If you succeed to win, you select one less bet (or the minimum bet), if you lose, on the contrary, you increase the bet by the selected unit. Condition: odds must be not less than three, otherwise the technique may not be profitable.

Oscar Grind technique

To start you need to set a certain pot, which will be the end point for the cycle. The cycle will consist of bets that will increase when you win and remain the same when you lose. Suppose your bank is $120, you choose a unit of $12.

Martingale and Anti-Martingale

The Martingale technique is the most popular in many games. The essence is to double the bets when you lose and return to the original amount when you win. Optimal coeff. for this strategy is two. Suppose you start betting with $2. If you win, you use 2$ again, if you lose, you set 4$.

The Dogon Technique

This type of strategy is divided into two types, it is a one-time add-on and a long add-on. The essence is to allocate events that occur frequently, but are not observed at the moment. Suppose that some team constantly played a draw, and now there are no such outcomes.

Techniques for Live Betting

All players in betting shops have at least once used Live betting, which is triggered during the match. This type of betting also has tricks that can help you make money.

Percentage of the starting pot

The simplest technique, when you use it, you will never go bankrupt. You'll need to use a set percentage of the pot at all times. For example, allocate $100 that you decide to play with. You set a certain percentage, for example, 20%.

Flat Strategy

If you are a beginner and find it difficult to learn different strategies, you can start with Flat. The essence of this strategy is simple - you need to make the same bets regardless of the bank and odds.

Danish Strategy

From Denmark came one interesting betting technique, which is similar to Martingale. The only difference is that in parallel with increasing the bet amount, you will need to increase the odds.

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