Metal Gear Solid V - Mission 49: occupation forces

General information about the mission

The forty -ninth mission in Metal Gear Solid V is one of the repeated missions. The goals are the same as in eight missions of the main story. You will find descriptions of goals in step -by -step guides to this mission. The difference is that now you should complete the mission of the occupation forces without the help of Diamond Dogs. The most important changes:

Not enough weapons
Lack of additional equipment (except for big boss’s bioony hand)
Lack of help from friends (the whole mission should be done alone)
Lack to choose time
Without reflex mode and chicken hat

Preparation of the mission

You cannot prepare for this mission in no way (you cannot choose equipment, companion or even time).


The goals are the same as in the mission "occupation forces." Below you will find a list of tips that discuss the most important modifications, which, of course, increase the level of complexity.

Snipers will appear at the end, if not finished earlier.

As already mentioned, snipers will eventually appear. As soon as you find Code Talker. Then you will need to figure out each of the dolls before leaving the estate. You also need to follow snipers on the way to the landing site.

In the case of the destruction of snipers, the only threat is an armored helicopter. In no case do not turn on this helicopter, like a fleeton, an armored personnel carrier without destroying it.

The best place to start a mission east of QARYA SARRU EE. Go to the security post No. 10 right now. There are four guards, but you can easily destroy them one by one and take a gun from one of them. The main reason you visit this security post is an armored personnel carrier with a 130-mm rocket that you can steal. When the convoy arrives, you can use an armored personnel carrier to destroy all enemy vehicles (truck and two tanks), which is the main goal of the mission.

Some enemies have Killer Bee launcher.

If the armored vehicle was destroyed earlier, you still have the opportunity to complete the mission, and it should not be so difficult. You can find a replacement for BTR missiles. Get to one of the mortars in the village, wait for the column arrival and start shooting. Make sure that you first destroyed the tank in front, because it can attack you. Another option is to eliminate the soldiers in the village. At least one of them brings the Killer Bee launcher, which you can “lend”.

The most risky option is Fulton for all cars from the convoy. For example, you can use an armored personnel carrier to block the road, hide in the bushes and wait until the convoy arrives. Start with Fultoning tank in the back, and then go to the truck. Finally, deal with the second tank Obviously you're always waiting that all will go well and your streak of happiness in life will come so I'm ready to congratulate you because really if you're reading this your streak has come and here's why, because this site allows you to do it from now on you can forget about work and most importantly you can just sit at home and make money easily and easily and it's possible only here I promise you like it most importantly come and try this site casinò because it's the best.

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