Volleyball betting: how to choose them and where to make them

Despite the fact that volleyball is not included in the top 3 popular sports, it has a lot of fans. The game attracts the attention of the audience with its dynamics and intensity of passions on the court. This interest is not overlooked by bookmakers offering bets on volleyball in live (during the game) or in prematch mode (before the start of the event). What should those who want to bet on volleyball pay attention to? Let's talk about the main thing.

What is the right way to bet on volleyball?

To successfully place volleyball betting, it is important to know all the features of betting on volleyball matches. For example, be aware of what balance is in volleyball.

In this sport, the role of individual players cannot be underestimated. In a team, as a rule, there are one or two volleyball players who gain more than 15 points per match and determine the result of the meeting. Therefore, one should look for information about the state of such players: whether they have any injuries, whether they will participate in the match at all.

In volleyball, you should trust statistics - both for the team and for individual volleyball players. If, in the presence of some players, the number of elimination innings per match reaches an average of 6-7, it is likely that in the game you are considering this indicator will be close to these figures. The same goes for the number of blocks and other statistics.

Pay attention to the team's competitive schedule and tournament motivation. If a team has played several matches during the week, having secured the desired result in advance, then the reservists will surely play in the final and not decisive game. This means that the result may not be what was originally expected. Bookmakers quickly find their bearings in such situations, and the odds can change dramatically several hours before the start of matches. Therefore, sometimes it is better to place bets just before the start of the game.

In volleyball, it is important to adhere to the pre-match analysis and not rush to place bets in live. Even if the favorite “let go” of the opponent a little at the start of the game, in most cases he takes it by the end of the set.

Where to place volleyball bets?

It is not enough to know the secrets of betting on volleyball matches; it is also important to find a convenient bookmaker's office where you can make a bet. Despite the fact that volleyball is one of the ten most popular sports in the world, the variability of the list and the amount of information for analysis on it is noticeably inferior to football, tennis or other popular sports areas.

For most online bookmakers, the choice of volleyball bets is limited by the outcome and handicap, even not everyone has totals. Note also the fact that all bookmakers have a high margin of volleyball bets: it rarely drops below 4%, being, as a rule, in the range of 5-8%. This is one of the reasons why volleyball is not played as often as football, basketball and other sports.

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