How to beat the line correctly

Tips to help you win

  • Success. Only 2% of sports pari match betting fans are in the black. This figure should not discourage you. In any profession, success is hard to come by: the more you work, the more chance you have of becoming successful.
  • Distance. Winning percentage is less important than stability. It is better to win 55% of the time after 200 bets than 60% after 50 bets. Those who set up for a quick enrichment are doomed to fail.
  • Budget Management. Losing is not as bad as illiterate money management. A pro-capper allocates separate capital for betting, not using funds that are intended for other purposes.
  • Spontaneity. Beginners often change the size of their bets. The reason - there is no strategy, but only instinctive decisions that lead to large financial losses.
  • Bookmakers. A bookmaker's line is not a fair prediction of the outcome of a match, expressed by the odds, but a division of the opinion of the bookmakers. You are not betting against a bookie, but against other players.
  • Motivation. Cases where the underdog wins are not unique. The weaker team may be motivated, and for the other team, the result may not matter. You can't come up with a mathematical formula to determine the level of motivation. The goal of the mouthpiece is to determine the mood, character, and psychology of the match participants.

  • Information. There are things that are not always related to sports, but can affect the quality of an athlete's game. Divorce, a change of coaches, a dispute over a future contract, a conflict within the team - can affect a player's concentration.
  • Betting. To make a successful bet, it is not enough to study only the statistics. Few players analyze their winning and losing streaks. If you learn how to do this, the chances of getting into the 2% plus tipsters increase.
  • Favorites and Outsiders. Bookmakers balance the line to get a guaranteed plus. The closer to the start of the game, the more the bookies bet on favorites - the quotes change in favor of outsiders. So, it is more profitable to bet on outsiders minutes before the start of the meeting, on favorites - as early as possible. Exceptions occur, but not often.
  • Luck. Relying on supernatural forces is stupid. That's never what pro-cappers do. A bettor's career will quickly end if you hope every time for a lucky number, day of the week or betting in a T-shirt that brings good luck.

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