Betting on eSports dota 2

Before betting on cybersports dota 2, you need to learn about the subtleties, the suitable marquees (types of bets). This will help you to come out in the black, revealing the secrets of success in cybersport.

Types of bets

The bookmaker offers dota 2 bets on short-term or long-term strategies. Here you can bet on:

  • Outcomes;
  • Handicaps on cards;
  • Card winner;
  • Card Total;
  • Total Kills,
  • as well as betting on the kill race, first blood, Roshan kills, and more.

What are the most popular types of bets

Betting on outcomes and betting on odds are probably not just the first types, but also the most in-demand, most frequently used. These are bets on who will win the match:

  • Bets on outcomes. The analogy here is similar to traditional sports, where the player has to choose a team from the favorites. If the user stops at the underdogs (this also happens), the element of chance is higher. Usually these bets involve only 2 outcomes: 1) only the 1st team wins; 2) only the 2nd team wins. The format of holding matches bo3, which assumes the choice of one winner or a draw. If there is a draw, the winner is chosen on the first 2 cards. Less often used is the bo2 format. Then a tournament will be possible with a completely draw outcome of the game. For example, victory on the 1st card for the "A" team, on the 2nd card for the "B" team. The match is recorded as a draw. Players come out with an equal number of points. The bo1/bo5 format may also apply. The first is usually played in elimination matches at the beginning of the tournament, the second is played in the finals stages;
  • Betting on handicaps. Here the user determines the winner for different cards. If betting on bonus parimatch the favorite, the odds are smaller than when betting on the winner of the match as a whole. The outcome of a draw is impossible. You can bet on the 2nd card, and on the first to make their own idea of the collective, individual strength of a particular team.

In addition, there is a bet on the card total, based on the choice of the number of cards in one match. Action for the user to guess: whether the game will be persistent for the bo3 format or the final will appear 5 cards. Bets on total kills are based on the elimination of the team building, creeps. It is necessary to fight, take out and build an opponent. The game is notable for its simplicity, because, for example, with a bet of 52.5, in the end the teams' score should be equal to 53 or more. If you wish, you can bet on a kill race, determining the leader of the teams, which team will score 30, 20, 10 kills faster. These are bets with the highest randomness, which should be oriented on the collective game, its statistics on the last matches.

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